Purchase ALL 28 EUROPEAN CITIES AVAILABLE in a single App.
In 7 languages, no expiry date.

At a very affordable price, you can listen to all the european cities during your future trips.

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CITY INCLUDED in the package, DURATION and AUDIO number
Amalfi Coast 80min, 27 files
Amsterdam 105min, 35 file
Assisi 76min, 24 file
Athens 125min, 43 file
Barcelona 155min, 52 file
Bergamo 70min, 22 file
Berlin 135min, 44 file
Cinque Terre 35min, 11 file
Como and Lake Como, 87min, 29 file
Florence 263min, 89 file
Lecce 50min, 16 file
London 215min, 70 file
Madrid 250min, 84 file
Milan 185min, 62 file
Naples 175min, 59 file
Palermo 95min, 31 file
Paris 278min, 93 file
Pisa 40min, 13 file
Pompeii 48min, 16 file
Prague 100min, 34 file
Ravenna 60min, 22 file
Rome 262min, 88 file
Santorini 15min, 5 file
Turin 145min, 49 file
Trento 70min, 22 file
Venice 255min, 85 file
Verona 63min, 21 file
Vienna 130min, 43 files

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