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You are now at the foot of the London Eye, which since 2015 has been renamed the "Coca-Cola London Eye" in honor of its new sponsor. As you can see now that you're standing directly below it, the wheel looks like a bicycle wheel - and is in fact used as a logo for cycling races! If you didn't purchase your ticket online, you'll have to patiently wait in the "standard" line for your turn, enviously watching the visitors who cut the line because they have the so-called "fast track" tickets. Have no fear, while you wait I'll fill you in on some other interesting information about this gigantic "London Eye" that sees everything and everyone.

You will fortunately have the chance to admire London in all its splendor, thanks to a 360 degree panoramic view that lets you see as far as forty kilometers away.

If it's a typical gray London day or you are afraid of heights, I suggest postponing your visit - otherwise, once you enter the air-conditioned transparent cabin, you can always sit at the central bench and close your eyes for the thirty minutes it takes for the wheel to go all the way around!

If you're not afraid of heights, you can walk back and forth in the eight by four meter cabin. The cabins are each named after a London district; they are oval-shaped and can carry up to twenty-eight people.

In addition to the "normal" tour, the London Eye can also be booked for celebrating various events: a romantic engagement proposal, a scenic wedding, or a high-level dinner or private party!


FUN FACT: in 2017 a well-known travel web portal launched a contest that offered the opportunity to spend a whole night under the stars along with a guest in a London Eye cabin that had been specially transformed into a real glass loft, with decor inspired by the tropical forest!

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